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Translation Research Center

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Translational Research Center
Main functions : Discovery and translational research of therapeutic antibody
  • Discovery of target antibodies and identification of their biological mechanisms
  • Functional antibody selection and performance improvement
  • Translational research through domestic Industry-Academy-Research cooperation
  • Research support and collaboration for bioenterprises
  • Licensing out of therapeutic antibodies.

Scripps Korea Antibody Institute

- Antibody Development Team -

Main functions
  • Research & Development of therapeutic antibody candidates (Monoclonal fully human antibody and next-generation antibody)
Research contents
  • Research on therapeutic antibody candidates(Pipe-Line)
    • Research on immune anti-cancer therapeutic antibodies
    • Research on therapeutics of intractable breast cancer target antibodies
    • Research on immune anti-cancer and antibody combined therapeutics
  • Research/Development of therapeutic antibody
    • Development of monoclonal fully human antibody
    • Development of next-generation antibodies (multiple-specific binding antibody and antibody drug conjugate)
  • Immune anti-cancer therapy

  • Therapeutics targeting of breast cancer

  • Antibody-drug conjugate therapeutics

  • Multiple-specifc binding therapeutics antibody

Scripps Korea Antibody Institute

- Core Technologies Team -

Main functions
  • Establishment of a platform for CAR-T/CAR-NK cell therapy
  • Constructing bispecific antibody production platform
Research contents
  • Cell therapy platform
    • Production of CAR through Gene cloning
    • CAR-expressing cell production using Lentivirus System
    • Efficacy verification of CAR-expressing cell
  • Bispecific antibody platform
    • Construction of Bispecific antibodies by gene cloning
    • Production and purification of bispecific antibody using the animal cell expression system
    • Efficacy verification of bispecific antibody
  • Cell therapy platform

  • Bispecific antibody platform

Scripps Korea Antibody Institute

- Animal Research Team -

Summary of research
  • Production and maintenance of disease-related animal models
  • Research on effectiveness and mechanism of bio new drug using animal model
Research contents
  • Experimental animal room operation and management
    • Stable maintenance of experimental animal facility
    • Operation of Institutional Animal Care Use Committee (IACUC)
  • Research on effectiveness and mechanism of bio new drug using animal model
    • Research on Immunohistochemistry and in vivo imaging
    • In vivo stability analysis
  • Experimental animal room

  • In vivo imaging

  • Research on the effectiveness and mechanism of bio-new therapeutics