History of SKAI

introduce - SKAI
The way SKAI walked in a position
to prepare for the future of a new human race
September 2020
  • Jin-Seoub Choi, the sixth president, took office
February 2020
  • Gangwon Bio Research Institute Council launched
January 2020
  • Scripps Korea Antibody Institute-Bio Eleven Co., Ltd.
    the technology transfer for immune anti-cancer antibody medicine
October 2019
  • Gangwon Antibody Industry-University Research Council launched
September 2019
  • Kwon-Soo Ha, the fifth president, took office
April 2019
  • Developed and patented the 3rd generation immune anti-cancer antibody medicine
September 2018
  • Awarded Global Challenger Award for Biopharmaceuticals in Korea
April 2018
  • Scripps Korea Antibody Institute-Woori Technology Co., Ltd.
    Antibody Medicine Technology for Incurable Disease (macular) Transfer Agreement between the Scripps Korea Antibody Institute and Woori Technology Co., Ltd.
December 2017
  • 2017 Performance Briefing Session of the Scripps Korea Antibody Institute
  • Development and progress prospect of immune anti-cancer and antibody therapeutics of next generation
October 2017
  • SKAI research result presentation
August 2017
  • Hyo Jeoung Hosng, the forth president, took office.
May 2017
  • Scripps Korea Antibody Institute-Abtlas Co., Ltd.
    Convention on the technology transfer
January 2016
  • High One new therapeutics symposia
July 2015
  • Byung-Du Song, the first president, was reappointed
January 2015
  • Revenue business (research service) approval
December 2014
  • Forum celebrating the 5th anniversary of SKAI establishment
    Development strategy of the Gangwon biomedical industry
January 2014
  • Integrity Pledge for SKAI Employee
October 2013
  • Dasan Conference (Health sector))
    Antibody Technologies for Future Biotherapeutics
December 2012
  • Symposium for building biocluster in Gangwon Province
July 2012
  • Byung-Du Song, reappointed as the first president
June 2012
  • Symposium for building biocluster in Gangwon Province
September 2011
  • The 3rd International Symposium; Present and future of antibody engineering
April 2011
  • Signed a joint research agreement with Oxford University
October 2010
  • The 2nd International academic symposium
    Therapeutic Antibody: The Latest and Future Trends
January 2010
  • Conclusion of collaboration agreement with TSRI
November 2009
  • The 1st International academic symposium; Antibodies for Future
  • SKAI Opening ceremony
July 2009
  • Byung-Du Song, the first president, took office.
March 2009
  • Signed an MOA between Gangwon Province, Chuncheon-si, and Kangwon National University for the establishment of the Scripps Korea Antibody Institute
January 2009
  • Signed an MOU for establishing the world's best research institute in the fields of life science, biotechnology, and biomedicine
December 2008
  • A visit to TSRI and attraction briefing